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Stone Table Software Technical Support

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Before contacting technical support, please read through our FAQ documents to see if your question or bug has already been reported. The following FAQs are now available:

Technical Support

All technical support for registered users is handled via e-mail. (If you haven't registered but have a concern, contact our with your pre-purchase question.)

You should receive a confirmation of your bug report within a few hours. We try to respond to all issues within 24-48 hours, but be aware that immediately after a product has been released or updated responses may take longer.

With all correspondence please include the following:

    Name (the name you registered the software with)
    E-Mail address (so we can contact you if we have questions)
    Registration Code
    (the code we sent you to activate the program)
    Product name and version (do "Get Info" on the file or look at the program's About Box)
    Computer (model, RAM, etc.)
    Operating System (i.e. Mac OS 8.1)
    System Details (i.e. unusual extensions or control panels you have installed, etc.)
    Detailed description of the problem

Send technical questions to .

Send bug reports to . (Bugs are confirmed, repeatable misbehavior of a program.)