Mac OS Requirements

  • 68K or PPC Macintosh
  • System 7.5+
  • Quicktime

Mac OS X Requirements

  • PPC Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.1+
  • Quicktime

Key Features

  • Helps your customers
  • Great advertising
  • Gives your company a competitive edge
  • Affordable

ScanCalc Custom is sold by locale. The simplest purchase is an exclusive license for your city.

Top Curvy Piece

ScanCalc Custom


Your customers will find ScanCalc incredibly useful, especially if you charge for scans by the megabyte. Why not take advantage of their interest?

Imagine a version of ScanCalc with your company's logo -- customers would see it every time they used the program!

Stone Table Software is now offering personalized versions of ScanCalc at very reasonable prices. You'll receive an exclusive license for your local area to distribute ScanCalc to your customers. (Multiple areas may be licensed for additional fees.)

Customized versions include:

  • 400x140 pixel graphic in the ScanCalc "About Box"
  • 100x100 pixel graphic on the ScanCalc main window
  • Hot-links to your website
  • Revised help file to include your company information

Contact Marc at for more information. Hurry before your competition beats you to it!


ScanCalc Custom Sample for Mac OS (620K, stuffed)
ScanCalc Custom Sample for Mac OS X (716K, stuffed)